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Calcium Carbonate Powder

SEPI- Carb  – Calcium Carbonate Powder  

More than 4% of the earth’s crust is made up of Calcium carbonate.  The most common natural types are chalk,  limestone, and marble. All these three forms are equivalent chemically, although they vary greatly in terms of purity, whiteness,  thickness, and homogeneity.


Industrial Uses of Calcium Carbonate Powder (SEPIC- CARB) 

  • SEP I Carb –  calcium carbonate powder is commonly used in paper, plastics, and paint industries because of its white color.
  • It is used as an affordable filler to create a bright opaque paper by the paper industry
  • Calcium carbonate powder can make up as much as 30% of the weight of an extender in paints.
  • Calcium Carbonate powder is also used as a filler in sealants and adhesives.
  • Calcium Carbonate powder is acid-soluble and can dissolve with hydrochloric acid to clean up as a  binding material in drill completion and workover fluid.
  • Calcium Carbonate powder increases mud density
  • It is also used to prevent fluid invasion of the permeable zone and maintain circulation.


Depending on the needs of your project, SEPICO manufactures calcium carbonate powder – SEPI CARB in Fine, Extra Fine, Medium, and Coarse grades as well as additional sizes.


Calcium Carbonate Powder Packing

SEPI CARB is packed in  25 kg bags that are wrapped, shrunk, and palletized, and 1 Metric ton Big Bag.


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