Manufacturing Operations

/Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations

SEPICO manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Lost Circulation Materials (LCM), drilling lignite and salts, as well as mud conditioners, polymers and additives.

SEPICO facility has been conferred the prestigious API Certification (API Spec.Q1) in addition to a fully implemented and audited ISO 9002 Quality Management program.

The facility has a capacity to produce over 200,000 Metric tons/Year of different powder products in three separate production trains.

Operations are continuous and automated, with over 40 plant personnel working in two daily shifts. The plant has large designated areas to hold raw materials as well as finished products.

SEPICO’s location is the key to our success. Being adjacent to the versatile port of Umm al Quwain allows for prompt and economical handling of imports and exports.

We ship by truck and ocean vessel and package in everything from bulk trucks to big bags (1.5 MT) down to 25 kilogram paper bags.

Our knowledge of product movement and logistics allows us to competitively place materials throughout the world.