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Sepico manufactures API-quality Barite SEPI -BAR  for a variety of drilling applications. This unique mineral has the potential to grow with substantial weight. Because of this distinctive characteristic, Sepi- Bar can be used in a variety of industries and manufacturing processes. In addition, BaSO4, the main component of bauxite, is the main resource mined for the production of numerous chemicals, including bromine and basic iodine. It is frequently found as concretion or vein-filled crystalline clusters in sediments and sedimentary rock formations.
Barites are also formed when groups of crystals emerge through textured surface areas on gravel deposits. While there are numerous colors that form depending on the deposition environment, gray is a significant pigment among them.
SEPI BAR is packaged in 1.5MT Jumbo Bags and delivered to Middle Eastern markets for a variety of uses. We take pride in offering only high-quality products at Sepico, so you don’t have anything to hold you back when working hard!

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