Bentonite for Ponds and Lakes

Use Of Bentonite Clay In Ponds And Lake

It’s no secret that ponds and lakes are some of the most vital ecosystems for humans, animals, and the environment alike. Unfortunately, changes like deforestation, agricultural runoff, and other environmental factors can cause these bodies of water to become contaminated with sediment and debris. That’s where bentonite comes in. Bentonite is a clay-based material that has an incredible ability to bind water together and form a seal over the surface of many surfaces including ponds and lakes. In this blog

SEPICO API Bentonite

API Bentonite in UAE

Are you looking for API Bentonite in the UAE? Or Does your project require API-specified Bentonite? If so, then you are on the right page! This article reads The Best API Bentonite In UAE. Its types, Uses, And Where To Buy From? SEPICO is a leading producer and supplier of custom-processed materials and chemicals namely Barite and Bentonite of API grades in the UAE. The API Bentonite (SEPI GEL) is

Top 7 Uses of Bentonite

Bentonite: Industrial Applications

Knowing the composition and structure of bentonite, as well as the properties that result from it, reveals several industrial applications. These properties are primarily used when the substance is suspended in a liquid (typically water), or when it is in the form of a dry powder or granules. Sodium Bentonite can absorb up to ten times its weight in water and swell to 18 times its dry volume.  These swelling properties of bentonite are used in the majority of industrial applications

Bentonite in Construction

Bentonite In Construction

Bentonite clay in construction has amazing properties that can be used to improve the strength, longevity, and appearance of your buildings and property. But what exactly are these properties? And how do they work? Check out this guide to find out. What is Bentonite? Bentonite is a natural clay mineral that has the ability to absorb ten times its weight. It is mined from deposits all over the world, Bentonite emerges from the town of Fort Benton in the United