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SEPICO API Bentonite

Are you looking for API Bentonite in the UAE? Or Does your project require API-specified Bentonite? If so, then you are on the right page! This article reads The Best API Bentonite In UAE. Its types, Uses, And Where To Buy From?

SEPICO is a leading producer and supplier of custom-processed materials and chemicals namely Barite and Bentonite of API grades in the UAE. The API Bentonite (SEPI GEL) is a natural, white, clay-like product used in various applications, including filtering, absorbency, and absorbency enhancement. It is a water-soluble product that is used as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and binder in a variety of industries. The API Bentonite is also utilized in the area of environmental remediation and has broad applications in the agricultural and petrochemical industries.

Bentonite as Drilling Mud  

Bentonite, which is mostly sodium montmorillonite (Na+Mt) chemical formula 5 Alo3, 2 MgO, 24SiO2, 6H2o (Na2o Cao)  shows a variety of characteristics like swelling, caking, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropic, low permeability when wet, and cation exchange.  It has numerous industrial uses including in the food as Animal feed,  chemical, casting, and metallurgy industries. 

The stability of the drilling mud is largely influenced by bentonite. The rheological characteristics of the drilling mud are particularly impacted by its particle size and particle size distribution. 

Types of Industrial Bentonite 

There are two primary kinds of Bentonite used in industries: Sodium Bentonite  and   Calcium Bentonite.

Sodium Bentonite is the preferred substance in the drilling industry.  Sodium Bentonite has tiny particle sizes called colloids. When sodium Bentonites are fully hydrated, they swell and expand to provide huge surface areas >750m2 / gram because the particles themselves are so small that the action of the water molecules is sufficient to keep them in suspension. Because of its ability to swell, sodium bentonite is effective as a sealant, for geotechnical and environmental research, and in drilling mud for oil and gas wells. Sodium bentonite is also used between synthetic materials to create geosynthetic liners in the base of landfills to prevent the migration of leachate into the soil. 

The qualities of calcium bentonite differ from those of its sodium brother, although they are made of the same basic building components., These significant variations in swelling, suspension, and thixotropy can have an impact on drilling mud and its functions which can greatly impact its use in the project. Calcium Bentonite is known for its restorative and therapeutic qualities. This makes the cosmetic industry its favorite buyer.  Calcium Bentonite serves as excellent clay for cleansing and detoxification. 

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Difference between Sodium Bentonite and Calcium Bentonite

API Bentonite
Sodium Bentonite Calcium Bentonite
The volume of sodium bentonite increases 20 times as a result of osmotic and crystalline swelling 
When water and sodium bentonite  are combined it forms a fluid called thixotropic fluid 
Sodium bentonite produces a thin, slick cake that reduces torque and drag and the chance of the drill pipe getting stuck.
Sodium bentonite prevents fluid invasion in high permeable zones.  
Only a 2 fold increase in volume results from calcium bentonite’s crystalline swelling process. 
Like other bentonite slurries, calcium bentonite has thixotropic characteristics, but it depends on the concentration used.
Unlike sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite doesn’t disperse into separate platelets, instead remaining as thicker stacks of platelets.
Calcium Bentonite forms a thin, highly absorbent cake that prevents drilling fluid from flowing.  

API Bentonite 

The sodium bentonite mineral (montmorillonite) is a naturally occurring clay containing the clay mineral smectite and other minerals, such as quartz, mica, feldspar, and calcite. The API’s (American Petroleum Institute) International Standard for Drilling Grade Bentonite is based on this premium, high-yield clay product sourced from large deposits in Wyoming in the USA. The API established requirements for sodium and calcium bentonites since then the practical need for using bentonite varied differently.

A high-quality API Bentonite complies with API 13A section 9 specifications. API Bentonite is essential in extracting drill cutting during drilling processes.  The API Bentonite is a crucial product in drilling a well. It is also commonly used as a component of drilling mud for oil and water wells. Its main purposes are to seal the walls of the borehole, clear drill waste, and lubricate the cutting head. 

API Bentonite is essential in extracting drill cutting during drilling processes.  The API Bentonite is a crucial product in drilling a well. It is also commonly used as a component of drilling mud for oil and water wells. It lubricates the cutting head, removes drill cuttings, and seals the borehole walls. 

Grades of API Bentonite

  • API Bentonite – Drilling Grade     SEPI GEL 09
  • API Non-Treated Bentonite                    SEPI GEL 10
  • OCMA Bentonite SEPI GEL 11
Bentonite SEPICO
API Grade Bentonite

What does API Bentonite do? 

  • API Bentonite helps in extracting the drill cutting around the bit which then floats to the surface. 
  • API Bentonite avoids wall cavities and leaks by sealing the drill hole against leakage. 
  • Drill bit lubrication and cooling are achieved by API Bentonite powder. 
  • Pumped through the drill stem and ejected through the drill bit, bentonite forms into a slurry with leakages. 

Specialized Bentonite Products of SEPICO

  1. High Yield Bentonite – SEPI GEL HY
  2. Extra High Yield Bentonite – SEPI GEL XY 
  3. Special Foundations Bentonite ( SEPI GEL SF)
  4. Cat Litter Bentonite SEPI GEL PL
  5. Geo- Clay Bentonite – SEPI GEL GEO 
  6. White Bentonite SEPI GEL – W) 


SEPICO is a subsidiary of RTE Group in Saudi Arabia, manufacturing API-certified bentonite for over 35 years in the UAE and supplying top drilling projects in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa.

We offer a wide range of API Bentonite products to meet your drilling needs. Ask for a quote from the best API Bentonite manufacturer in the UAE.

Noora is a writer and Management representative at Sepico